At Fountains Court you will have access to a treatment centre dedicated to your wellbeing with over 35 holistic therapies to choose from. All the therapists are independent professionals who work as a team to achieve the best results possible, for the mind, body and spirit.

The treatment centre is bathed in soft colours and gentle music. There are four treatment rooms – Lilac, Pink, Yellow and Green and treatments are available most days, subject to availability and excluding Sunday afternoons. Booking in advance is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment.


Advice is freely given though please note we do not take the place of medical care nor do we make claims to cure or diagnose.

The treatment centre is also open to non-residents and booking in advance is essential.

For prices please see our tariffs page.

Acupuncture : Very fine needles are inserted into the skin at specific points to promote and encourage pain relief, muscle relaxation, good digestion etc and to treat many symptoms including depression and anxiety.

Aromatherapy : Plant essential oils are used promote well-being and takes into account mental, emotional, physical and energetic states. Aromatherapy massage is a gentle massage and helps to relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, depression and digestive disorders. Muscle pain, hormone imbalance and colds may also be helped.

Bach Flower Remedies : These are 38 homeopathically prepared Remedies made from plants, each one identifying with a particular personality trait, mood or state of mind. Up to seven at a time can be combined in a treatment bottle which lasts between 2-3 weeks to gently strengthen your strengths and restore peace of mind.

Bio-detox : This uses a footbath with a stream of negative ions in a week saline solution to gently encourage the lymph, blood and plasma to release metabolic waste from the cells. It is not suitable for clients with pacemakers, epilepsy and pregnant women.

Clairvoyancy : An ability to tune into spirit energy which may aid in your journey to self-realisation and so move on with a surer knowledge of the road to take while never relinquishing your own power of self-determination.

Crystal Therapies : These therapies are deeply nourishing and enjoyable. Each crystal has its own vibration which focuses on distinct areas of the body to help bring about healing on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) : Like acupuncture EFT works by impacting directly into the body’s 12 energy meridians, using a tapping technique on specific points to promote healing and wellbeing by balancing your emotions, A technique you learn and ‘take away with you’.

Energy Therapy : This is a bespoke treatment by a senior therapist who may use a combination of therapies with the aim to restore a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Hendrickson Method® Massage and Manual Therapy – A remarkable, advanced technique that blends massage, manual therapy and energy therapy, Hendrickson Method® is a dynamic and effective alternative to traditional therapies. The results can be profound; significant relief from pain, dramatically enhanced range of motion, improved athletic performance and extraordinary relaxation.

Homeopathy : Takes into account the unique physical and emotional traits of the individual and works on the principle that ‘like can cure like’. It can be used to treat physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

Hopi Ear Candle Therapy : A deeply relaxing, calming and soothing experience that can regulate pressure in the ears and the head; remove excess wax and stimulate the lymphatic system and metabolism.

Hot Stone Massage : This technique uses heated Basalt Lava stones to warm the client’s muscles, allowing a deep working of the soft body tissues. Oil is smoothed onto the client and the stone is then worked along the skin in place of the therapist’s hand.

Hypnotherapy : This can promote an extraordinary quality of mental, physical and emotional relaxation, and provides an effective way to deal with inner emotional conflicts. It can help you stop smoking; reduce weight/control eating habits; relieve stress; overcome anger & depression, eliminate panic attacks; relieve the pain of major disease and trauma; help you overcome fears & phobias; deal with addictions; improve self-esteem & self-confidence; increase concentration; etc.

Indian Head Massage : This improves the circulation and supply of nutrients needed for healthy hair growth and is an invaluable treatment for stress-related problems like eye strain, headaches, insomnia, lack of concentration, tense muscles in the neck and shoulders. It can be performed clothed, or with oil applied to the neck and shoulders, and is carried out sitting in an upright position.

Life Coaching : This can help you to find your own solutions so that you can move forward in any area in which you are feeling stuck, be this in your career, relationship or any other aspect of life. It can also help with illness and pain as these are often linked to emotional blockages held in the body when we feel ‘stuck’.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage : This is a special massage technique that gently stimulates the Lymphatic System (the ‘dustbin’ of the body and is helpful in treating swollen tissue, puffy ankles, face and hands, cellulite and water retention, sinusitis, migraines, hormone imbalance, deficient immune system, fatigue and constipation are some of the conditions caused, in part, to inadequate drainage of the lymph nodes.

Massage : Most people enjoy the relaxing effect of touch, feeling calmed and nurtured and it is essential for treating injuries and muscle spasm. It can also relieve headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, etc. You will have the choice of over 12 therapeutic massages – see tariffs and do ask for advice if you wish.

Meditation : This offers a variety of techniques that bring ease and tranquility to the body and mind and if practiced regularly can open the gateways of consciousness, enriching the mind-body-soul connection and act as an aid to self-awareness and self-healing.

Pampering! This can be a valuable part of your relaxation and recuperation. You may chose from a variety of facials, hand and feet treatments and dry skin brushing. See Tariffs.

Qigong (Chi Kung) : This combines controlled breathing with focused concentration and simple movement exercises which help to increase and balance the flow of energy through your body. Attending a qigong class either in a group or as a one-to one can benefit your immune system, reduce the effects of stress and improve balance and muscle tone and stamina. It is even said to slow the ageing process!

Reflexology :
This is based on the principle that a reflex point in the foot relates to each organ, function, and part of the body. By applying a deep pressure technique to these reflexes the therapist seeks to normalise bodily functions. Most people find it deeply relaxing.

Reiki : This is another ancient therapy whereby the client unconsciously draws a subtle healing energy, via the trained therapist, to the areas of most imbalance within them bringing mind, body and soul back into alignment. You will be asked to lie on a couch, fully clothed and the therapist then gently places their hands, non intrusively, over a series of positions covering your entire body.

Shamanic Healing : This is an ancient healing art used by many of Earth’s cultures, it uses the power of ceremony, symbols and sound to clear deep rooted energy blocks within your body, soul and psyche.

Shen Dao :
This is an acupressure treatment to upper back, neck, head and shoulders for chronic symptoms in these areas for when where a deeper treatment may not best. You remained clothed and seated in a chair. It is an exceptionally relaxing experience, bringing into balance the four chakras of the upper body.

Time-Line Therapy : This combines the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and clinical hypnotherapy. It helps the client in removing negative emotions associated with past events, including birth and past-lives. You are induced into only a mild trance state where questions are answered quickly by the unconscious mind which can then identify the root of a problem. Associated ‘learning’ is then removed without the client having to re-live the trauma of the event.