Meet the Team

At Fountains Court you can expect the best of treatment – you will meet a great team of independent professionals who are delighted to work as a team. You are welcome as a non-resident client or as a guest; free advise is available and we specialise in creating bespoke health breaks for a minimum of two overnight stays or longer.

Please note we are not a nursing establishment and do not take the place of medical care, nor do we make claims to cure or diagnose. If you click on Therapies you will find a list of all our treatments and the Tariff page gives their prices and length of time.


Helen Marriott BA, B.F.R.P, I.P.T.I.

Helen Marriott BA, B.F.R.P, I.P.T.I.

Founder / Owner

Helen is the founder/owner of Fountains Court where she also runs her own busy practice; she regularly gives talks and seminars for corporate businesses, special interest groups and charities about her work as a holistic therapist these past 25 years.

She specialises in Holistic Massage, Stress Management and vibrational medicine which includes Bach Flower Remedies, of which she is a Registered Practitioner, and Dowsing which she uses to read and balance the human chakras. A trip to China to observe Traditional Chinese Medicine and numerous CPD courses have enhanced her life’s work.

Helen is also a Cordon Bleu chef; has a degree in Humanities with Philosophy and been a member of MENSA. She has published a book called ‘Homo spiritus – a different kind of human’ and other books are planned; she also writes a blog:

Kim Field

Kim Field

Holisitc Therapist

Kim has been a holisitc  therapist since 1996 and a part of the team at Fountains Court since it opened in 2005. Her therapies include aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, crystal healing and crystal massage; reflexology, reiki healing and Indian head massage. She is particularly noted for her work with crystals, particularly her crystal Reiki.

Kim appreciates living in a beautiful valley near Scarborough and loves walking with her family and taking photographs of the natural world.

Helen Benson

Helen Benson

Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT & Self Esteem Coach

Helen is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Coach, a Self Esteem Coach and mother of three adult children.

She has also worked as SRN in general nursing and Palliative care but felt increasingly drawn to help clients in dealing with health issues from the root cause up, which brought her to train as a Holistic Professional, initially doing my Hypnotherapy Diploma Course in 1995, and over the years achieved NLP and  EFT Diplomas and Self-Esteem Coaching Cert.

Helen is a big believer in Integrative Medicine and respect totally the value of combining  Conventional Medicine with Complimentary/ Alternative therapies and works with empathy, compassion and humour to achieve the best outcome for her clients and the guests at Fountains Court.

In her spare time she enjoys writing, dancing and walking her dog.

She has her own website

Marie Macintyre-Thomson

Marie Macintyre-Thomson

Life Coach, Reiki Master & Hypnotherapist

Marie Macintyre-Thomson is a natural born gifted Medium clairvoyant, giving comfort to people from all walks of life for over 40 years. Marie continues to help people develop their own psychic gifts by running workshops for beginners and the more experienced.

Marie is also a Life Coach and Reiki Master, and a registered Hypnotherapist for 20 years specialising in past life regression, confidence building and phobias.

With her caring, approachable and empathetic nature Marie is a natural ‘people person’ and loves to work with clients from all walks of life.

For more information Marie can be contacted at

Lesley Hodgson

Lesley Hodgson

Massage Therapist, Reiki Healer and Life Coach

Lesley worked in banking for 22 years so understands how corporate stress can affect everyone’s physically, emotional and mental health. Recurrent headaches were a problem and she found complementary therapies and a holistic approach really helped and in 2009 made a life changing decision to retrain as a therapist.

She is a qualified massage therapist, Reiki healer and Life Coach. Her approach is strongly intuitive and she often combines several therapies, specializing in illness and pain, believing that they are often linked to emotional blockages held within the body.

Lesley truly walks her talk, advocating a healthy and joyful lifestyle and says she enjoys every day, loves coming to work and in her spare time enjoys walking, singing, reading and travelling.

She can also be found and 07946612621

Sandra Page

Sandra Page

Shamanic Healer & Teacher

As a very small child Sandra spent her life among trees and the natural world and loved to dance and sing to herself although it took a while longer for her to understand she also had a strong sixth sense. A gifted artistic ability led her in adult life to take degrees in 3D design and Silversmithing. Then in 2005 she was ‘called’ to Peru and spent many months there becoming an initiate in the Inca tradition of shamanism.

As well as a shamanic healer Sandra also teaches the Medicine Wheel. You can read a blog about her at Sandra also has her own website

Jayne Catherine Pinkett

Jayne Catherine Pinkett

Meditation Teacher & Accredited Stress Management Counsellor

Cath has been a psychic all her life. Although having had a varied career in Nursing for over 30 years, she now works professionally as a clairvoyant, medium and Tarot reader. Cath uses a combination of skills – clairvoyance, clairsentience and visions from her spirit guides and tarot spread.

As a qualified meditation teacher and accredited stress management counsellor, one to one meditation sessions/stress counselling can be arranged for calmness and to promote wellbeing. These sessions can also be booked for those wishing to identify their own Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide.

Cath also offers Cartouche, Seichem and Reiki Healing.

Andrea Wood

Andrea Wood

Health Nutritionist

Andrea graduated from the internationally renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) in 2009 with a foundation degree in Nutritional Therapy. The relationship between the food  and health had been a subject that had fascinated Andrea for many years and she loves helping people to make wise food choices according to their unique requirements and finds that even small changes can make a noticeable difference in many cases.

Andrea has access to many private laboratory tests which may help identify an imbalance or food intolerance that sadly the NHS cannot provide. She loves to cook, and can help people with tricky ‘free-from’ diets and specialises in dairy and gluten free foods.

She is a keen endurance sportswoman and has been a competitive marathon runner in the past. She now loves to ride her road bike as much as time allows and regularly enters endurance events such as the Coast to Coast in a day (150miles) and the Fred Whitton Challenge in the Lake District.

Andrea also works part time in a local bike shop to fuel her habit.

Natalie Touitou

Natalie Touitou


As a local homeopath for the past 17 years Natalie has witnessed the healing journey of countless clients. Natalie – who is French and speaks perfect English -discovered homeopathy when she listened to a talk on the subject and decided there and then that she would be a homeopath.

She subsequently forgot all about it, had a baby and other priorities, however, life had other ideas and chance encounters and synchronistic events kept pushing Natalie in that direction till after a lengthy training she finally qualified and became a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths 7 years later.

Natalie explains that the role of the homeopath is to understand the core imbalance in a person which is revealed through answers & questions, words, gestures and symptoms during the course of the consultation. Then to match this with a remedy which will trigger the healing process.

Each case is unique in its unfolding. Homeopathy works at an individual level so that the remedy is chosen for the person and not for the complaint, unless used at a superficial level in acute prescribing.

Natalie’s other interests include sea swimming, nature, reading and theatre. She is also part of a long standing meditation/ discussion group meeting weekly.

Kath Loughlan

Kath Loughlan


Kath could well be the first person you meet at Fountains Court – together with her little feathered ‘assistant’ – Spike. As well as being tolerant of a rather noisy yellow budgie, Kath makes everyone feel welcome and has been our receptionist since 2008.

With a background in hospitality and finance Kath keeps the office running smoothly and is a willing team member when it comes to making cups of tea for new arrivals and keeping everything ship-shape. In her spare time Kath enjoys travelling, theatre and photography and she is a talented pastel artist.