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Homo Spiritus

A different kind of human

I am delighted to share the news that my book ' Homo spiritus  - a different kind of human' and which is  dedicated to all Fountains Court  guests and clients -  has been published.  Below is the 'blurb'.  the book can be purchased from Lulu or Amazon at 11.99 plus P&P or from Fountains Court at £9.50 plus P&P. In a few months time it will also be available on Kindle.

Also to let you know that Weekend Residential Homo spiritus workshops - to put into practice the self-help techniques involved in this 'evolution' will be starting in January 2018.

Exciting times!

Much love,


Book Summary.

This is a book for our time - a self-help book to inspire healing and spiritual growth for all of humanity. Some would say we are heading for self-destruction; that our history of lethal violence towards our own kind has programmed us to be fearful, suspicious and revengeful; and that, despite our modern age, this programming now threatens our well-being on a global scale never witnessed before.

 But does it have to be this way?

Can we not consciously evolve into a different kind of human, from Homo sapiens to Homo spiritus?

This motivational book guides us in six steps towards that possibility. It is not an easy journey; it means reversing loops of bio-emotional stress responses which we do every day, unconsciously, all our lives. It is about changing the human mind-set and healing the past and if we succeed, and we can, then there is real hope for the future.


Helen has been a health practitioner since the early 90’s, specialising in a holistic approach and over the years has undertaken numerous courses in health related modules, including a trip to China to observe Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As well as being the founder/owner of Fountains Court in Scarborough, a hotel specialising in well-being, the author gives talks and seminars for corporate businesses, college students, medical students and special interest groups.

A Cordon Bleu chef and a one-time member of Mensa; with a degree in Humanities with Philosophy, plus a passion for writing, the author presents a unique book for readers of all ages who have within them the spark of Homo spiritus.

‘We cannot change the past but we can heal it.’




New for 2017


See our events page for information on yoga and meditation residential weekends to be held this year.





As well as our regular cafe get-togethers on the 3rd Thursday of every month we are now holding a manifestation workshop starting at 6.30, followed by the Cygnus Cafe at 7.00 pm.

Please telephone 01723 381118 if you'd like to join us.

Each meeting costs £3.00 p.p. for both events and still £2.00 for cafe only.









We are hosting a 'cafe' every 3rd Thursdays. Inspired by the Cygnus Review Magazine  which is published and funded by those who want to be the change rather than wait for our politicians and multinationals to build our futures for us.


The purpose of the cafe is to bring  people together to challenge our dogmas and habitual thinking and to discuss and share our thoughts, ideas and experiences connected with personal growth and change.


By changing ourself, from our core, we will change the world.


Time : 6.45 - 8.45 p.m.

cost:   £2.00

Books on loan at 50p


Please E mail or tel 01723 381118 if you wish to join us - we look forward very much to seeing you.





    Venue hire for Workshops, Classes & Conferences

Fountains Court is an ideal venue for up to 15 participants. The dining room and also the studio with its oak floor both double-up as function rooms and the decking in the Zen garden catches the sunlight from dawn in the winter and all day in the summer. Meals/refreshments can be provided. Please contact us for prices and availability.

We are  also available for residential courses – please contact us if you are a teacher or facilitator and would like to consider using Fountains Court as a one-stop venue.