Changing The Way You Feel

Changing The Way You Feel

Changing The Way You Feel


The minute you step over the threshold you will feel the benefit of Feng Shui –a balancing, harmonious style which plays a big part in the success of Fountains Court as a peaceful haven. Children and night-clubbers are not allowed, so as to help you feel more relaxed and rested.


An essential part of Fountains Court is our Treatment Centre which offers more than 35 therapies to help you change the way you feel. We can also help you create your own bespoke health break or you can book-in for one of our themed breaks – for solos, couples or groups.


Our Residential Workshops are a great way to combine a holiday-by-the-sea with learning new skills to make those bigger changes in your life. Fountains Court may also be hired by external facilitators wishing to bring their own students. See the calendar for a quick overview of current events.

Welcome to Fountains Court – a unique and privately owned hotel specialising in holistic wellbeing, relaxing holidays, personal development and residential retreats.

Here, you will find a haven of peace situated in the heart of historic Scarborough, on the beautiful coast of North East England – an area of fabulous scenery … a little rugged and with air like champagne.

The owner is Helen Marriott, a therapist first – with over 30 years of continuous practice, and an hotelier second – with a Cordon Bleu Diploma in cooking and a love of hospitality.

‘Changing the way you feel’

So, if your life is busy or stressful and you feel in need of a change, why not book a holistic health break at Fountains Court? Solos, friends, couples of any gender and groups of like-minded people are all welcome though please note we do not take children or night-clubbers.

Likewise, if you have any health niggles or you have a goal in mind – to quit smoking, lose weight, conquer anxiety, then you may benefit from a bespoke health break. A program can be devised for you from more than 30 holistic therapies.

(Please note we are not a nursing establishment and do not take the place of medical care; nor do we make claims to cure or diagnose.)

Fountains Court rekindles the senses of sight, sound and touch; it can nurture the body, calm the emotions and still the mind. So, whatever your reason for wanting to ‘get away’, welcome to Fountains Court, step into a different world and change the way you feel.

Maybe you are in search for a change in life-style or wish to explore and develop a more spiritual outlook, then at Fountains Court you will discover a variety of books, modalities, Themed Breaks and therapists to help with this quest.

During your stay you will be treated to healthy, nourishing meals which are mainly vegetarian though fish and poultry can be included. You have the option of bed & breakfast, half board or full board. See Tariffs.

Special diets are catered for with prior notice.

We are not licensed though you are welcome to bring some wine to enjoy with your evening meal.